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Let's improve our tools

As a company that develops sites mainly in Drupal, we had long felt that it is our duty to encourage contributions to Open Source projects, since it's for Free Software that we exist as a web agency.

Screenshot for this package taken from npmjs registry.

Presenting MDSK

Manati Drupal Starter Kit allows you to scaffold a Drupal site and keep its code as cleanest as possible

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Create content blocks programatically in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 comes with a concept named content blocks (also referred as custom blocks in the blocks library). These are block types that you can adjust to your needs and then create blocks based on those types. Every block is an entity.

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Multilingual configuration forms in Drupal 7

Some time ago I had to implement a configuration form in Drupal to save multilingual variables and after some research I found that the best way to do it is using the variable module alongside i18n_variable (part of i18n).

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Using Varnish to redirect to other web server's subfolders

Assuming you have a web server giving the main content of your site ( for this post); but, there's another site hosted in a different web server ( and you want that everything inside checkthis folder be served inside (i.e.

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DO work from HOME

During this week I read an article in LinkedIn and I immediately felt the need to answer to it; so, here I am trying to contribute to the discussion.

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Linux Foundation Certified Sysadmin

At beginnings of last December I got an offer for LFS course and LFCS certification for under $90; considering its normal price is above $400, that was a really good offer that I couldn’t resist if we also consider that I’m a Linux fanboy.