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Coming from sunny Puntarenas, Costa Rica; I love to travel the country to find natural treasures around there. There is a giant list of places to discover and I really want to check them out.

I'm also a coffee passionate and a work-in-progress as barista. I love to learn more and more about our precious grain and how to make the best coffee.

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Drupal passionate developer

I'm a Drupal backend developer and DevOps passionate. I consider myself as software enthusiast who loves to play with new technologies and try to get the most out of them.

I love to work with Drupal because it's really flexible and allows me to build all of the requirements from the clients in a great way. However; I've also worked with some other technologies that are equally great :)

Recent Posts

Renovations in a house

Preparing your site for Drupal 9

Drupal 9 was released on June 3rd and it's the greatest Drupal release ever and still the easiest to upgrade to if your site is up-to-date in the latest 8.x version.

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Creating Drush commands inside a theme

One of the greatest things of Drupal is Drush, the command line tool that was created to administer (and develop) Drupal. Out of the box Drush allows you to run a big number of commands to administer your site

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Wordpress development workflow using composer

I'm a Drupal developer who have been using composer since a lot of time ago. I wanted to take a look on how to setup a Wordpress project using composer to take advantage of all the goodness it brings to the projects.

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My Drupal Life

Last week I attended Costa Rican Drupal community meetup and one of the sessions was about the speaker's journey with Drupal. This made me start thinking a lot about my own history with Drupal so I got motivated to put it down and write about it.