Drupal 9 Porting Weekend

(Photo credit Josef Jerabak.)

Last weekend global Drupal community celebrated Drupal 9 Porting Weekend to speed up contrib modules to get a Drupal 9 compatible release. The date was chosen in honour of the cancelled DrupalCon Minneapolis.

I have worked with open source since I was in college so I am always motivated to contribute back to the community. I have been using Drupal for 7 years and although I'm not the most active member of the community, I like to give back each time I can. Besides that, the company I'm currently working for encouraged me to participate on this event so I was doubled motivated.

I joined for 2.5 hours on saturday and during this time I was able to review and create some patches. I worked on 12 different issues between patches, reviews and comments so I ended my contribution day highly motivated and really happy to be part of this great Drupal community.

At the time of writing this article there are more than 500 issues with the event official tag: "Drupal 9 porting weekend". That's a huge amount of issues for a weekend so I'd say this event was a great success. Thanks to the whole community for making it possible and special thanks to the mentors and organizers who made it possible.

To end this article I would like to encourage you to give back to the open source projects you use the most. It could be through code, documentation or any other mean you are capable to contribute. And if you work with Drupal, you are more than welcome to get a Drupal Association Membership to give back economically to the project.

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Submitted by kporras07 on Wed, 05/27/2020 - 01:28